Benefits of Officiating

The Third Team : Officiating is a perfect way to stay actively involved in the game and enjoy great camaraderie. The officiating community is the “third team” on the field and through officiating you can develop friendships and connections with others committed to the game.

Give Back To The Game : Officials are important ambassadors for the sport and you will develop and be able to share your knowledge and perspective of the game and can make a difference in its future.

Stay Fit : Officials are right in the action of the game with the players. Officiating is a great way to stay in shape and get some exercise. Schedules are flexible as many games and times are offered and you can work as many or as little as your schedule permits.

Learn A New Sport : If you’ve experienced officiating other sports, you can easily transition those experiences to the fastest game on two feet. There is a world of opportunity to grow and develop as a lacrosse official.

Make a Few Dollars : Officiating also allows you to supplement your income with a few extra dollars. Officials at all levels of competition are compensated for officiating contests.

Women's Lacrosse Officials of Michigan (WLOM)



Executive Board Members

Lauren Nowak - 1.GIF
Lauren Nowak

National Elite Official / President

Lauren has been involved with lacrosse for more than 18 years of her life.  This will be her 5th season officiating.  She played lacrosse in high school, college, post college, coached, and now she is a full time official.  She works any level of play from middle school to Division 1.  Lauren is on the rules committee for Middle/High School lacrosse for US Lacrosse.  She also is a certified trainer for USL and CWLOA.

Kevin Watrous

Collegiate Official / Finance

Kevin has been officiating for 7 seasons.  Kevin always has the best questions! He continues his growth of knowledge of the game representing Michigan lacrosse around the country! Kevin has been on the executive board for 4 seasons.


Cassie Axtell

High School Coach / New Officials Trainer

Cassie officiated for many seasons but due to a knee injury she decided to hang up her stripes and start coaching! She has been now coaching for 10+ years with a very successful program.  Cassie has 4 State Championships under her belt!  She continues to give back to the sport by teaching new officials.


Scott Eden

Collegiate Select Official / Vice President


Scott has been officiating for 6 seasons!  Scott is a great official to reach out with questions.  He is very helpful, resourceful, and easy to talk to! Scott has been on the executive board for 3 seasons now.   

Jill Maloy

Collegiate Select Official / Training Chair   (East Michigan)


Jill has multiple years under her belt as a lacrosse official! She not only played lacrosse but she was a college Rugby player at Penn State! She has a contagious personality that is always encouraging and helpful towards others.  Jill officials all levels of lacrosse from D1 to Youth. Jill is also a certified trainer for USL and CWLOA.

Sydney Gray.JPG
Sydney Gray
Collegiate Official / Secretary 
This will be Sydney's 4th season officiating. She started officiating her senior year of college because I could not commit to coaching due to my lacrosse schedule. She decided to become an official because Lauren convinced her to try it and she fell in love with it.  She has completed a couple of clinics. The thing She loves most about officiating is it keeps her involved with the game and she gets to meet people from all who are willing to help her learn and help grow her officiating knowledge. 
Anne Drummond

National Elite Official / Training Chair (West Michigan)

Anne has been involved with lacrosse longer than she can remember! She has 2 daughters that have been playing their entire lives who now coach Division 1 programs.  Anne has been officiating lacrosse for 9 seasons now! She is a prime example of someone who has the drive, passion, and love for this sport! Anne is a certified officials trainer for USL and CWLOA.

Paige Winne

Collegiate Official / Rating Chair

Paige has been officiating for 4 season now.  She has incredible organizational skills and is an even better assignor! She officiates high level of play throughout the state of Michigan.  If you are looking to be rated, contact Paige! 


Anne Acluche
Collegiate Select Official / Recruiting Chair
Anne started officiating in 1999, that’s when there were only 9 officials in Michigan!  She helped organize the first Michigan US Lacrosse women’s officials group.  Anne received my District rating in 2002, took a few years off and had 2 children and started officiating again in 2009 and renewed her district that year.  She is now a Collegiate Select Official.  She has work youth games all the way up to NCAA division 1 games.  Annes goal is to recruit and retain as many young officials as possible right now.  Also, to work as many youth games with high school officials to grow the officiating world


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